Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this. This is a Christmas update from the Westovers. This Christmas we received a very precious gift. This was baby T.J. He was born Dec. 24th 2010! Both T.J. and I are doing great... There was no complications during his birth. In fact it was a very quick birth. I went into the doctor Wednesday morning because I was contracting and felt like I was loosing some fluid. They did say the amniotic fluid was low but to come back and they would check it again at 10a.m. on Thursday morning. At this time I was 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced. Needless to say the contractions got stronger later that night. JJ was timing them and they were lasting 30-60 sec and about 3-5 minutes apart. I knew I needed to go to the hospital when the adrenaline kicked in and I started to become shaky. I woke JJ up and he through everything in the car that he had prepared earlier that night. At this point it was about 2a.m. Thursday morning. We brought Aaralynn along. When we got to the delivery room JJ just set her in the corner and she was just smiling and making noises at all the nurses. Baby T.J. was then born at 2:59 a.m. It was quite the experience. The car ride to the hospital takes about 20 minutes which did not leave me very much time to get to the delivery room and have the baby. In fact they ran me down the hall on the triage bed and never had the chance to transfer me when we got to the delivery room. I was pushing down the hall and was only in the delivery room a few short minutes before the baby came. T.J. weighed 5lbs 9 ounces when he was born and was 18.5 inches. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

-- The name: T.J. is named after his dad and grandpa, Jerry Lane Westover III. T.J. stands for Third Jerry ;)

T.J. Born at 2:59 a.m. Dec 24th 2010

Baby T.J. went to the NICU because he was breathing fast and shallow when he was born. They kept him there for a few hours but everything was just fine. It was because he was a month early.

He has long limbs, fingers, and feet!

Here is a happy T.J.

T.J. definitely has daddies hair!

T.J. is getting ready to come home! He came home 48 hours after he was born. Because the delivery was such a fast and unexpected one they wanted to make sure he there would be no complications or else he could have came home Christmas morning.

Me, Aaralynn, and Baby T.J.

Baby T.J. and his stocking!

Aaralynn unwrapping one of her presents... She is actually pretty good at it. Unfortunately, Walmart was selling kid proof wrapping paper (it was extra thick but she managed to rip it!).

Notice the bow and then surch for the tape! (you may have to click on the picture and make it larger)

Aaralynn did not like trying on her new life jacket! It was actually kind of funny...

The new toy that grandma Westover got her...

Aaralynn and the aftermath of Christmas!
How cute!

Daddy and his two babys...

How sweet!


Scheller's said...

Congrats! You guys have such a great looking family! What a fun time of year you guys will have. Couldn't we all wish for a quick delivery like yours! Good luck with the new little guy! Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

Sarah Tolman said...

Thanks for sharing Brittany. I'm glad everything went well. I'm so excited for you guys. Merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

Sooo sooo cute! That last photo of TJ with his little hands.... so precious.

Glad you are all doing well!!

The Burrows Family said...

I saw the link to your blog on facebook. He is so cute Brittany! I'm glad everything went well. Sorry we havent been over to visit or bring goodies. Jackson and I have been fighting a nasty cold for over 2 weeks. But let me know if you do need anything and i'll get bryan to drop it off.