Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catching Up

Random Cuteness

After a winter run

Wrestling buddies already

Got into Mommy's makeup

Zoo Time!

Aaralynn LOVES slides!

At the playground

Ketchup is a little boy's best friend

Model shot!

Family Nap time on the couchs

Aaralynn the artist, wearing Daddy's safety glasses

Watching Conference, notice all the cookies?

Happy Birthday Daddy at Famous Dave's Barbecue

Little Porky


Aaralynn's  classic look

Blurry but cute!

My sweet boy!

Catching Up

Time at the Zoo

Catching Up

Some Love in The Sun

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check Me Out!

Hello Family and friends,

I started a new blog called So check me out and follow me if you want!

Loves and HugsXOXOXO

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Let me just start by saying that we had a GREAT spring break! J.J. finished his tests on Friday and came home for a long nap. Later that night Mom Westover's plane arrived. We kicked off the week with a trip to Lucas Oil Stadium (the Colt's stadium) for AMA Supercross. I bought the tickets for J.J.'s valentines present. We had a BLAST! Monday we all left for NASHVILLE. Neither Aaralynn or T.J. cried or complained the entire 4 hour trip down ;) On the way down we stopped at Church Hill downs where the Kentucky Derby takes place and a few other places. I posted a bunch of pictures from our trip. We got back Wednesday night and spent the rest of the vacation getting the apartment in order. Thank you to Mom Westover our place is looking pretty good! I will post more when I have more time but for now I hope you enjoy!

These were the best roasted almonds ever! And no, they did not cost $15 ;)

T.J. started our trip down to Nashville with smiles!

We went by the Opry House. The museum is still closed due to flooding and the tours were expensive so we walked around outside and went to the gift shop.

We found Yogi and Boo Boo bears house!

T.J. being a happy baby!

A few pictures of downtown Nashville. They have live music at almost everyone of the restruants. It is a fun place to be at night!

If you are ever in Nashville DO NOT miss out on Jack's BBQ! This is our favorite BBQ restraunt by far!

On our way out of Nashville we stopped by Fort Nashborougha for a quick look around.

Aaralynn and Nama in the car!

Of course we had to stop by the National Corvette Museum. This is in Bowling Greens Kentucky.

Aaralynn and T.J. enduring the ride home...

Aaralynn needed a little break from the car ride home from Nashville. She was having a good time running around this empty parking lot!

Aaralynn playing at the park behind our apartment!

Our little poser!
Aaralynn waking up from a Sunday Nap!

A few more pictures of baby T.J. and Nama...
The weekend before spring break started J.J. took me ice skating downtown with some of his classmates! He fell once and I didn't fall at all! :)