Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catching Up!

I know....I has been FOREVER since I updated our blog, but I just had a baby and have been figuring out our routine so you think I have been a little busy? You guessed it! I am pretty much half a sleep from the time I wake up until after nap time. TJ is sleeping 4 hours at a time at night sometimes more! He is a good baby:) Aaralynn is just growing, growing and growing. She is
learning sign language so Mommy and Daddy know what she wants seeing how she is not interested in saying words right now. Signing helps her have less tantrums and gives her a system of communication that is not screaming....*SIGH*...oh the screaming....

Other than that, we are just busy with life, JJ finished another successful test this weekend. This semester has been better for us and I am not sure if we are just used to it or school is easier? I will go with the latter:)

Anyway here are some random pictures to give a flavor of what we have been up to...
Aaralynn playing in her toy station
She LOVES to read!
In a cute outfit:)
She did NOT want to take a Sunday picture
In their Sunday best;)

This is the result of Daddy putting on TJ's diaper...didn't quit get it over his rump...Daddy and Aaralynn

First bath!

Brother and Sister:)

Mckenna came to help out! Thanks Kenny!!!!

My Mommy and Austin came to visit and help me make the transition from one to two kids! Thank you!


Alexandria Rammell said...

rhi love the black and white coat!!!

Sarah Tolman said...

I remember when I had Cera Cleo was not impressed. She frowned in all pictures for the next 6 months! Love that coat! Wish they made them in my size.

Rachel said...

Soooo cute! Glad you had family come and help. Those transitions can be doozies.

What sweet cute babies.

K&andKJones said...

Your kids are little dolls! they are adorable! I am so impressed that you are a mom of 2! WOW! You are amazing! I love all the little outfits! they are so fun to dress huh!!! (well, not the dressing part.. but they way they look after). Hailee hates getting changed!