Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching Up With the Blog

It has been a long while since the blog was updated. I just added some of the photos and short explanations. Hope you enjoy!

Ok, so this picture takes a little explaining ;) This was taken for the month of MOVEMBER. You may or may not recognize this month but it stands for mustache november. JJ's dental school class supported this month by wearing unique mustaches and this is the one JJ chose.
The new Lab at Indiana University School of Dentistry. JJ enjoyed being the first class to be able to take advantage of this lab.

Taking a walk down town...

This is by monument circle ( I think that is what it is called )

Took a short trip to the INDY 500 track...
Grandma Westover and Aaralynn at the state park.

Daddy and Aaralynn at Anderson Orchard... By the way they have the best apple cider ever!!! If you go there be sure to get the frozen one ;)

Grandma Westover and Aaralynn

Aaralynn found her pumpkin!

Grandma Westover and Aaralynn in front of our favorite breakfast restaurant... If you are ever around one of them try their blue berry stuffed pancakes with creme!

IT's ALL Smiles!

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