Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Beautiful Indiana Home

It is officially fall and Grandma Westover is here to visit us! We took a Sunday drive to one of Indiana's hot spots for fall colors. It was a national park that has scenic drive through thick forests of beautiful trees. Here are a few pictures we took. Bytheway, Grandma Westover took the our header picture:)

My Adorable Husband!


Alexandria Rammell said...

looks like you had the same idea as us!! Those dang falls leaves are just to hard not to photograph! Love your family picture!! cant believe that so soon it will be 4!!! We tried to set up the timer for a family picture but didnt work!!! haha

Rutt Family said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun fall!
Something must be wrong with your header, the picture pops up and then it disappears.

L Rammell said...

I love your pictures honey! I miss those fall leaves too! Enjoy that while you can. What a great family photo! You'll have to post her Halloween costume so we can see her. Love you!