Thursday, July 30, 2009

Utah and the Fourth

My wonderful in-laws!

So, I haven't posted our latest venture down to Utah. We had a break from school during the 4th of July so we decided to spend some time with family! This was a week after little Parker was born, my whole family was there from Texas and JJ's parents were there from Washington. And it was my Mom's 49th birthday. My Dad came up with the idea of throwing a surprise birthday party for her. It was fun and we had to pull some great shinanagins to keep it a secret and pull it off just right. She was really shocked! The look on her face alone was worth it. We had Great-Grandma Rammell there from Las Vegas, my Dad's sister Vauna, her husband Dan and her daugther Cassidy from California there as well. It was great to see them!

Last year we spent the 4th with his parents and sister's family at a baseball game. It was really fun! We watched the game and then everyone, and I mean everyone from the stands piled onto the field to watch the fireworks. How cool! Anyway, they decided to go to a demolition derby this time around and let's just say that the cars were not the only entertainment around. Demolition derbies attract quite the genre of people!

More smoke and smash the better...if you get fire even better!

We brought Ryan with us to the derby and back to Rexburg at the end of the weekend. We had some great laughs.
These are the party goers. You can see Granma Rammell hiding behind McKenna and Austin under the table. This party was hosted at Tyler and Alex's place...thanks!


Rachel said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm just sorry I missed you guys!!

L Rammell said...

Thanks Minnie! I love your blog! Love, Mom