Friday, May 15, 2009

My First Mother's Day

I know! I need more pictures but, between throwing up and school not even my apartment is being cleaned. But, I did get a wonderful Mother's Day! My first one! I wasn't expecting it because I am barely pregnant (not even through the first trimester yet) and the whole idea of Motherhood is becoming more and more real to me everyday. Especially when I watch A Baby Story on TV when I am feeling sick, I cry when the baby is delivered thinking, soon it's going to be ME delivering a little baby. Well, my wonderful husband bought me some nice raspberry fudge. And he cleaned the apartment while I slept. What a man! I also received a card and........Dove Chocolate! AHHH~
From my own Mother. Who also was trying to find a book for me but, it arrived for me from my Mother-in-Law instead for Mother's Day. Great Mother's think a like!

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K&andKJones said...

Hey CONGRATULATIONS! that is so exciting you are pregnant! Kory and I are due on November 26th we find out what it is in 2 weeks! I'm Sorry you're so sick! I went through that too... still a little- but not much. but it does get better... hopefully soon for you. I just ate whatever sounded good at that very minute. I'd even make a completely different meal than what I made Kory sometimes since the smell of cooking it would drive me away. it's an interesting time of pregnancy. It is wierd how you can't even eat the foods you loved a few weeks ago. Your hubby is so sweet for getting what you need right away! it totally helps!Congrats and good luck!