Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Baby!

We went to the doctor on Friday and found out we are having a baby GIRL:D!! She is so active and squirmy! I feel her move all day. JJ and I are so excited and ready to spoil her with kisses an hugs.
During the ultrasound we were able to see her face and her movements. She is almost a pound and from now on she will be gaining about a half a pound a week until she arrives in December.

Because of all her movements the ultrasound lady had a hard time checking on all her organs. Now I know why I have been so tired and sick...she has been taking all my energy! All in the name of baby health!


Alexandria Rammell said...

Brittnay and JJ!

She already look soo beautiful! I cant tell you how excited I am!! Any names yet?

Rachel said...


What a fun time in your life. So exciting. Thanks for sharing and texting me!! I love being a small part as well.

L Rammell said...

She will come out running... just like you did. You always faced forward in our arms. You had to see where we were taking you. You ran everywhere... appears the mother curse may come true. In your case, that would be a good thing. You were a joy to raise. I vote Kennly Kae after your sister and mama. hugs to you both!

Daniel and Lisa said...

Hooray! Hooray! Your little girl and our boy can be friends! I'm so excited for you two, you'll make such GREAT parents!