Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Christmas! I love the Christmas season...I always make a goal to try and keep the same feeling all year round. JJ and I returned from a wonderful visit in Texas with my Parents, siblings, The Risenmays and Grandparents. Mom, Grandma and Aunt Leanna created a yummy dinner complete with a fancy dinnerware and decorations. We were there for a little less than a week and it was not long enough! We are currently wrapping up the semester for JJ. He is headed into finals week and is working hard. I am currently working on getting ready to go to Washington for Christmas on the 15. Then, I will be enjoying another semester in January. It's almost 2009! WOW! JJ and I will be married for almost a year!


Rachel said...

Wow! Getting close to the year mark? Can that be true?

Your header is such a cute picture of you two.

Glad you had such a good time with your family over Thanksgiving and are safely tucked back in Rexsburg. Christmas is a great time of year isn't it? Wish everyoe tried to keep the spirit and feeling all year long. Me included!

Alexandria Rammell said...

Bummer we won't see you at all this holiday season! Hopefully the next time will be a baby shower! I mean come on, you are going to be an aunt. You can't really miss that! I looked at Mom's pictures from thanksgiving and your hair is getting so long. It looks great!! Glad you guys had fun and hope you have a great time in Washington.