Thursday, January 1, 2009

JJ's Dad
My sweetheart took the advice of his Mom and got me a romantic gift for Christmas...I love it!

Got a warm vest from Mom Westover...she thinks it cold in Rexburg...

This is a real rifle...not a fake one, a real one and by the look on JJ's face tells you how he feels about that

This is the present we gave them. It was some pictures of our wedding.

This is JJ's Mom being surprised by her early christmas gift...a couch! They sold their old one to Kallie and Matt, so the only Mom Westover wanted for Christmas was somewhere to sit. This one ended up going back and another couch and loveseat replaced it a little later. She was thrille! Good job Dad Westover!

Sitting on the first new couch

Playing around with left over halloween candy

JJ and his Dad have a special relationship

JJ putting Mr. Snowman on top of the Christmas tree. He was actually supposed to be a kitchen decoration, but we couldn't figure out the regular topper.


Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. I'm glad.

Happy New Year!!

L Rammell said...

Love the pictures honey! Thanks for sharing. We loved the gift too. I hope you got my text! Love you! Mom