Monday, October 20, 2008

I love fall! I only wish it wasn't so cold. The other day JJ and I went to the store and we had our coats and winter clothes on. The cashier in conversation asked if it was cold outside. We responded yes, and then realized that cold to us does not mean cold to everyone else. We saw people with short sleeve shirts and shorts on walking around as if it was summer... remember in Rexburg it gets to twenty below zero in the winter time. So, we are excited for the hot weather to come back already!

JJ is still in school and I am still working at the drama filled deli in the locally owned grocery store. JJ is keeping his grades well above A's and is in hot pursuit of becoming a fantastic dentist! Meanwhile we are enjoying our simple apartment life. Our ward suits us well and I have been called as Stake Choir Director. I really love directing choir especially a church choir, it's fun to be in charge and work on mymusic teaching skills. Seeing how I am aspiring to be a High School music teacher. We are very blessed in all we do and we love our family and friends!


The SanClan said...

Adorable blog!! And you guys look pretty dang cute yourselves. I WISH it were cold here. It's still in the 90s and it's time for a change!

Rachel said...

I love the fall. My favorite time of year. And caramel apples....they kind of go hand in hand.


Wats up, this blog is really cool. I like the movies alot. wait till you guys see my blog.

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