Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day at the River

Getting lathered
Lola and Aaralynn
Pardon me wilst I husband is some serious eye candy!
"I wonder how many fish I can store in my plump cheeks?"
"Daddy is my favorite person in the whole world!"
"Maybe if I open my mouth a little, the fish will jump in..."
"Hmmmm...I think this is a little cold for me."
Lola made a fishy pond for Aaralynn, where little minos swam around her feet as she waded and splashed around
Her legs are so short she could use them as bait!
"I think I caught a fish mommy! Oh wait that's my toe."
That is a pretty big diaper for such a little squirt!
"The side view makes me look like I have a ten gallon behind!"
After all was said and done...I think she enjoyed herself:)


Alexandria Rammell said...

Such a cuttte pic of mom and tinker!

Rachel said...

She is so cute Britt!! I love the photo of Lor and Aaralyn sitting together. Did you paint her toe nails!!!! :D

bwestover said...

Sure did auntie! Grandma Clayton red!

Rachel said...

The important things live on!! :)

K&andKJones said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to meet her... at the reunion??? I LOVE the picture of the feet on the opening of your blog! That is so precious! You have such a cute family!