Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day at the Zoo!

These pheasants walked right up next to me!
This grizzly is 17 years old! I told JJ that this is one of the animals I want to be able to hug when I get to heaven:)
These are a species of flamingos! They are bright ORANGE! The sign says they are that color because of what they eat...not sure what that would be?
This is how big this vulture is inside this cage.
Holding on to Daddy for dear life! She doesn't know what to think of all these animals

I think she is looking at the animals, no one knows for sure


Rachel said...

What a chunk! Soooo cute!!!

Love your bug eye glasses. :D You're one hot momma!!

kallie said...

Thanks for the update! I love the pictures, looks like you guys are having a good time.

Sarah said...

SO cute! You guys look like you are having fun in Texas.