Monday, August 24, 2009

COulDn'T ReSIsT!

So, the last post I mentioned that I had swung a HuGE! deal from a yard sale. And said how ADORABLE! the clothes were that I got for dirt cheap. Well, I couldn't resist showing all of you some of the clothes I have purchased for our little girl.
This one (top) wasn't from the yard sale but I found a second hand store called Mommy N' Me in Rexburg where I bought it. Cheap! But, not as cheap as the cool yard sale!

.This little "Minnie" out fit (bottom)I purchased from the Mommy 'N Me store too. I especially like it because it has my nickname on it!

These little shorts (bottom)were had too much cuteness on them I couldn't resist! They are also from the Mommy N' Me store.

These are just a few of the many things we bought!


Alexandria Rammell said...

ok need to stop buying things! we havent had your baby shower yet!!

Rachel said...

Oh cute! Oh adorable! Oh fun!

L Rammell said...

Aunt Sarah will be so proud! Great find! You can't beat that!