Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baby Girl Clothes are so Darn Irresistable!

Today is garage sale day, I remember getting up early with my Dad and checking out all the "cool stuff" for dirt cheap! We had to get up early because all the good "stuff" would be gone if we didn't. Well my husband discovered a great sale on the front lawn of our apartment was mostly baby girl clothes and ADORABLE! Some clothes weren't even used! I normally don't wake up too early in the morning but, my husband dragged me out of bed for this one...the lady selling the clothes just wanted to get rid of it all so she when we asked her how much she wanted for the clothes, she handed us a bag and said $3 a bag as much as you can fit! It was such a great deal, we filled up 4 bags of SuPeR CuTe hats, shoes, onsies, outfits, sleepers, little dresses etc. Only if you could come to my apartment and check them out! I keep folding and unfolding them just to look at them! A few of the clothes are so darn small I can't stop looking at them!

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Rachel said...

Oh I LOVE baby clothes!!! I know what you mean. I could sit and fold and unfold baby clothes all day.

How fun. What a fun morning for you.