Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valintines Week

My surgery went well. The doctor said everything went perfect and he encountered no complications. My recovery is going well, just a little sore. The pain the gallbladder was causing went away almost instantly. JJ has been taking great care of me!

Before the Pik-nik started I ran into a little trouble making the homemade tortilla chips. Note that this is something I make weekly but for some reason this week the chips caught a fire. JJ came to the rescue and put the fire out with the fire extinguisher. What a hunk!

We discovered that if we took a picture with the lights off and candles burning, is creates some cool lighting!

This week I had Valentines week for JJ. One of the nights I prepared a pik-nik for the two of us. It consisted of good old tuna fish sandwiches, homemade tortilla chips and guacamole dip.


Alexandria Rammell said...

Did you mean to have matching hoodies and same color jeans??? I would have never guessed you two are married!!!! haha. I always find it funny when we leave the house and Tyler and I are wearing the same colors!! Or we "match" he will wear a red tie and I will wear a red shirt...not on purpose either. Sounds like you had a good week!! Glad the surgery went well. Love ya sis!

Rachel said...

Good to hear that you are still doing well. What a fun Valentine's. Love the lips and teeth photo. :D

texas lds chic said...

I love you guys! That looks like so much fun!

L Rammell said...

I love the pictures! Keep them coming... Love you, Mom