Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleep Baby Sleep!

Usually when I put my baby to bed, I set her in the pack n' play, lay a blanket over her, give her a bottle and a kiss and then I don't hear a peep until she decides to wake up a few hours later. Well, last night JJ and I put her to bed and not 5 minutes later, we heard some complaining in the baby's room. JJ went to check it out, and this is what he found:]

As you can see, the bed is not totally collapsed to the bottom yet because I didn't want to have to bend over that far. Well, she has left me no choice now. We decided to lower the mattress all the way. Then I again, gave her her bottle, another kiss and went to bed again not expecting any sound for awhile. Well....5 more minutes went by and we heard more complaining coming from the baby's room. Guess what we found?!

Perfect! Now I have to come up with another brilliant plan to get my child to go to sleep, she has discovered a whole new perspective and she won't stop! It's a good thing I have access to inspiration!!!


Alexandria Rammell said...

and thats why we wrap parker up!! haha. She looks so grown up Brittany!!! She really has changed!

K&andKJones said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one dealing with this. It is a stressful but exciting time for us and our babes. its so funny how they can stand up but can't get back down. and then you put them down and they just get right back up. It is too cute, but boy she wares me out! I tried to wrap her up tight like a burrito but she got more mad. but maybe that will work for your baby. lately I've been giving her about an ounce or two of milk in her crib and put my hands over her belly so she knows I'm still there, then put music on and a little blanket near her face (cuz that's what she does when she sleeps) and then by the time the few oz of milk is gone, I slip in the binki and slowly remove my hands from her and leave. It worked for me the last few times, but we'll see if she protests that soon. If you have anything that works for you let me know!! She is just TOO cute. I love her smile!

Rachel said...

Oh Britt! Any advice I give you probably won't work as each child is different and we found with our kids what would work for one.....didn't work for the other.

It's hard but at some point you just have to let them cry. She'll figure out that it isn't so bad to drop from a standing position when she's only two feet high. :)

I swear it is hardest on the mommy. And letting them cry.....just plain awful....

You'll get through this. You're doing a great job!!

Candace said...

Sheesh! That girl is a shaker and a mover!! I can't believe she is pulling herself up that young! Just help her figure out how to sit back down when she's NOT in bed and maybe that'll help when she's IN bed??