Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My new haircut!

This is a keyboard we bought for $4o from a couple who doesn't use it. It was supposed to be for me...well, I haven't been able to touch it yet!

What a musician!

I created this treat for JJ while he was taking his chemistry test and put it on his pillow.

This is JJ holding his surprise minutes after he got a 95% on his chemistry test~

This is my work uniform. I work at the deli in the local grocery store.

This is little Lilia. JJ's sister's daughter. She is not even 24 hours old here yet!

Here is JJ practicing before he holds one of his own.

My brothers, husband and Sista! We are visiting the river walk in San Antonio

Our little apartment

This is the biggest waterfall in the world! Only, there is no water. It dried up after the ice age.
I look good and tan here!

This is us on the evening ski. Keep in mind JJ's dad is taking the picture

Driving my In-laws's boat. I look hot here!
My JJ wakeboarding. Love the muscles!


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Rachel said...

Hey Brittany! Cute blog. Looks like you two are doing well.

Alexandria Rammell said...

Cute blog Britt!! Happy you joined the blogging world. It keeps us connected too! Hopefully we can all know more of what is going on with you guys and you can know with us! Being newlyweds, we tend to keep to ourselves!! Let me know what you think of our cooking blog! I know you have some good recipes!

The SanClan said...

Hey Brit! Good to hear from you and see pictures! I will certainly add you to my blog list. Our blog is It's a great way to keep connected!

Alexandria Rammell said...

I had a dream last night you were pregnant!! Maybe its a sign!

Alexandria Rammell said...

I had a dream last night you were pregnant!! Maybe its a sign!

The SanClan said...

More posts please!!!


Alexandria Rammell said...

looks yummy!!! :) fun